Mulch In The Garden: An Easy Guide

Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your garden! An essential component of regenerative-organic and permaculture practices, mulch prevents erosion and helps maintain soil temperature and moisture levels. It also releases nutrients into the ground as it decomposes and prevents weeds from taking over the garden bed. You don’t have to … Read more

How To Chop-And-Drop In The Garden

As the cooler nights set in, the blooms and foliage on many of our annuals and perennials are beginning to fade. It’s time to get out into the garden and tidy things up as the growing season winds down. An easy and effective way to accomplish this task is the chop-and-drop method, which serves as … Read more

Common Mistakes When Starting Seeds

There’s something special about starting new seeds, isn’t there? Even after years of gardening, the thrill of opening a new pack of seeds never gets old. However, some seeds can be costly, so beginners need to get the basics right to avoid wasting time and money. Let’s dive into the essentials: Choosing the Right Seeds … Read more

Bat Guano: The Superfood With A Bad Rap

The Basics: What is Guano? Bats live in large colonies, sharing the same cave from generation to generation. As a result, masses of excrement build up within the bat roost cave, eventually breaking down into rich compost. The result is a substance we call guano. Bat guano is an organic plant superfood that encourages prolific … Read more

Celebrating World Soil Day | Garden Culture Magazine

As if December isn’t busy enough, here’s another special event worth celebrating! World Soil Day happens every year on December 5th, and we think it deserves some attention on your calendar. It’s not only about earthworms; World Soil Day strives to teach the young and old about building healthy, living soils to help sustain people … Read more

Save Some Green, Go Green By Reusing Growing Media

Everyone is looking for ways to save money and grow sustainably. All gardening inputs can be managed to serve you more efficiently, including your growing media. You can use most growing media multiple times. However, you must ensure the media is suitable for reusing. For example, a build-up of nutrients, diseased plant matter, fungal spores, … Read more

Pest & Disease Control | Garden Culture Magazine

If you have a garden, then chances are you have grasshoppers! This common pest is easy to spot, jumping from plant to plant as it feeds on tender leaves. I experienced a particularly nasty grasshopper infestation in my garden last summer. By the end of the growing season, my zucchini barely had any leaves left! … Read more