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Boy Meets World actress Trina McGee has announced she is pregnant with her fourth child at the age of 54.

The American star is best known for playing Angela Moore on the classic ABC family comedy which ran from 1993 until 2000.

Taking to social media on Monday, Trina stunned fans by announcing she is expecting a new baby – and she asked followers to send her good wishes.

Revealing the news in an Instagram post, the actress wrote, “Gonna sign off social media for a bit. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes in advance.”

Giving more details, she added, “At the tender age of 54 I have found myself pregnant. Please bless us with your prayers for a safe delivery. Thank you.”

Trina is already a mother of three, sharing two children with ex-husband Randall Courtland Davis and a third child from a subsequent relationship.

She has previously teased the possibility of being with child as she reflected on her past pregnancies – all of which occurred while she was in production on TV projects.

Back in April, she shared a social media post where she curiously typed, “That time I played a teenager but in reality I was 6 months pregnant” while smiling in a short video reel.

According to People, Trina is married to retired actor Marcello Thedford, with the pair swapping vows back in 2008.

She was married to Randall from 1991 until 2001, while IMDB states the actress, “appeared on 3 prime time television shows while pregnant with all 3 three of her children.”

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