Commitment to hire domestic violence support workers set to fall well short of promise

A commitment from the federal, state and territory governments to hire hundreds of frontline service and community workers to support people experiencing family, domestic and sexual violence is set to fall well short of the agreed target.

The federal government promised to spend $169.4 million over four years to fund 500 positions. It provided the funding to the states, which are responsible for hiring the workers.

The states and territories said it would fill 352 jobs by June 30 this year. However new figures reveal just 63 staff had been hired across the country by May 31, with Queensland the only state that hadn’t secured any staff.

Of the 63 people hired, 53.4 positions were considered as full time equivalents, which means some of the workers are on part time contracts.

The data comes from the Department of Social Services, which has for the first time released information on how many domestic violence support workers have been hired, after federal government ministers and some state governments previously refused to provide such information.

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