Essex chief executive says they will not name those involved in alleged racism

In the wake of the Newton report, a committee was set up to consider sanctions against those involved and Stephenson said they now “know where they stand” without elaborating further.

Meanwhile, Essex are working with the victims to “reintegrate” them back into the club, he said.

“That is going to be an ongoing process,” Stephenson continued.

He said the charge was in some ways “a relief” as the club now knows its possible fate.

“There are definitely concerns [about possible penalties],” Stephenson added.

“It’s hanging over our head but I would say we’re in a pretty good position because of everything we’ve done the last couple of years, the transparency we’ve displayed, so there’s a lot of mitigation and that’s what we’ll be going into the meetings with.”

Essex sit second in Division One of the County Championship and any deduction of points, if they admit guilt or are found guilty, could end their chances of winning the title for the first time since 2019.

Stephenson said: “Obviously we don’t want it to determine the outcome of the Championship season so I’m hoping they’ll take that into account as well.”

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