India election results 2024 live: Narendra Modi set for third term but opposition still to concede

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The front pages of several newspapers in Pakistan focused on India’s election results. Neighbours India and Pakistan have a tense relationship.

English language newspaper Dawn’s main headline said ‘India defeats hate, Modi left at mercy of Muslim-friendly allies’.

Several commentators expressed satisfaction about Modi’s weakened majority, interpreting the result as a response to hardline rhetoric from him and his party.

The BJP was accused of demonising Muslims during the campaign and using voters’ distrust of Pakistan to persuade them.

But few people interviewed on the street felt this result would change the relations between the two countries.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif hasn’t yet commented on the results.

There was some jubilation on social media that Modi’s party had failed to win Faizabad, the seat which includes Ayodhya city, where Modi inaugurated a grand new Hindu temple to Ram in January.

After Pakistan’s own election this year, which was met with widespread accusations of vote stealing, some also urged the country to learn lessons from India’s election campaign.

One former Pakistan envoy to Washington posted on social media platform X, “Congratulations to the people of India for going through their 18th parliamentary election since 1947 and never having to deal with allegations of massive rigging or stolen mandates.”

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