Michkov: Flyers have “no” update on his move to North America

When will Matvei Michkov arrive in Philadelphia?

That’s the question many Flyers executives are asking themselves right now…

And the situation is even murkier than ever.

I say this because Keith Jones, the club’s president of hockey operations, revealed this morning that the Flyers have no idea what’s currently going on with their prospect.

It’s not because they don’t want to…

But being a Flyers fan, it sounds like I’d be worried after hearing Keith Jones say this this morning:

If the deadline is accelerated, that would be wonderful. But we don’t know […] We don’t have any updates on that. We would welcome it with open arms. – Keith Jones

Ah, misery.
The thing about Matvei Michkov is that the file has been complicated since Day 1.

One day, we’re hearing that he could make the jump to North America sooner…

And the next, the talk changes.

For this reason, I’m inclined to believe that the Habs were right to ignore him at last year’s draft.

The club wanted to go with a safer bet by drafting David Reinbacher, and that makes sense when you see all the uncertainty when it comes to Michkov coming to the NHL.

At least, Keith Jones’ words aren’t encouraging.

Philly fans will have to wait for positive news on the Russian, and I find it hard to believe that Habs fans would be happy if Kent Hughes had selected him 5th overall in the last draft.
It would be quite a circus, in any case.

In a gust

– Imagine the scenario.


– Minor signing.

– It’s on!

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