OH NO! Surya gets shot as he tries to save Imlie from Raghu and gang

These days, the track of Imlie is quite interesting and is keeping the audience hooked on to the show. In the upcoming episode, Surya will get shot as he would be saving Imlie.

MUMBAI: Imlie is one of the top shows and is doing well when it comes to the ratings. The show took a 20-year leap a while ago; we now get to see a new grown-up Imlie, played by Adrija Roy and Agastya played by Sai Ketan Rao. The show is doing amazingly well and viewers love the couple and their chemistry a lot.

These days, the track of the show is very interesting as Surya enters the show and has spiced up the storyline as he turns out to be Agastya’s look alike and Imlie is dealing with the issues being created by him.

In the previous episode, we have seen how Surya confesses his crime in front of Imlie and is ready to surrender as he cannot live with this guilt  that because of him Agastya lost his life and he would do anything for Imlie’s happiness.

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In the upcoming episode, Raghu and his gang will be behind Imlie as they would to kidnap her and would want to kill her and when they would be ready to shoot her Surya will come and save her and will get shot.

He would get admitted and Indira will blame Imlie for this incident and the doctors would reveal that Imlie gave blood to Surya and saved him and in this state will go in search of Imlie as he would want to meet her.

Well, it will be interesting to see if things get solved between Imlie and Surya and will she ever be able to forgive him.

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