Road Warriors, Tokusatsu Titans & International Illustrators Descend On Supanova 2024 – Sydney and Perth!

Witness them! Mad Max Supa-Stars of every era will blaze down the Fury Road to Supanova Comic Con & Gaming’s upcoming events in Sydney (22-23 June 2024) and Perth (29-30 June 2024)!


Leading the charge alongside previously announced star Steve Bisley is the villainous Vernon Wells, known as Mad Max 2‘s most fearsome henchman in the Wasteland, Wez. Sydney fans will also have the opportunity to catch Roger Ward (CaptFifi’ Macaffee) and Tim Burns (Johnny The Boy) from the original cult classic film, with Tim also appearing as Hungry Eyes in the long-awaited prequel, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, in cinemas now.


Continuing the Mad Max mayhem, Showcase Australia! guest Bren Foster will also appear exclusively in Sydney on Saturday only. Foster can be heard as the titular hero in the hit 2015 Mad Max video game and will take fans behind the scenes on his new film, Life After Fighting!


Meanwhile, coming all the way from Japan are tokusatsu titans Ryota Ozawa (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger) and Masahiro Inoue(Kamen Rider Decade), making their first-ever appearance at the convention. The pair are excited to meet Australian fans in Sydney, presented by TokuSpirits and PR Toys AU!


Unfortunately, an exciting new project in the works means that AJ Michalka will not be able to make her Sydney appearance as originally planned; however, she is still keen to meet all of her fans in Perth alongside her sister, Aly. 


Australian legend of film and TV and star of Wolf CreekJohn Jarratt returns, following the release of his latest film What About Sal?, also starring Roger Ward. He’s joined by Lincoln Lewisbest known for his Silver Logie-winning role as Geoff Campbell in Home and AwayOther local legends Matt Doran (The Matrix, Star Wars Episode II), and Stephen Hunter (The Hobbit Trilogy, Heartbreak High) will also make the trip exclusively to Sydney! 


Perth comic fans can expect some incredible international talent, with illustrators Mico Suayan (Batman, Avengers, Fantastic Four), Lipwei Chang (X-Venture Unexplained FilesUpper Deck’s Marvel Anime Kaiju Battles), and Redcode (Transformers, X-Venture Dinosaur Explorers) joining Supanova out west. Homegrown talent joining our globetrotters in Perth include Justin Randall, Owen Heitmann, and the team of Chris WoodSkye Ogden and Wolfgang Bylsma.


Comic stars exclusive to Sydney include Alex TrpcevskiCamillo Di PietrantonioDaniel PicciottoDarren CloseDarren KoziolMatt KymeMat GroomMichael BusuttilMike KromeQueenie ChanTad Pietrzykowski, and the team at Silver Fox Comics.


Joining Supanova in both cities, fans can look forward to the likes of Jon SommarivaDavid YardinMark RaatsDean RankineJenny MackintoshLauren MarshallJamie JohnsonAnthony ChristouAustin Menglerand Shaun Keenan.


Admission tickets for both events are on sale now, with Autographs and Photo-Ops to go on sale in June. For all the latest news and Supa-Star entertainment, stay tuned to Supanova’s website and social media channels.

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