The Lt. Governor of Ohio Jon Husted is Claiming to Have Finally Seen The light About Fauci – Twitchy

Oh, look who is suddenly trying to rewrite history.


Seriously though, is he trying to change sides now that it doesn’t matter?

A lot of people knew four years ago they were pilloried and ostracized.

What he said, times eleventy.

Ohioans, it’s your choice, not ours, but listening to Mark might be a good idea in this writer’s opinion.


Jon Jon Jon, your constituents don’t seem to like you much.

Ultimately, this is a decision for the people of Ohio. This writer thought it necessary to showcase the revisionist history underway now that the truth regarding COVID-19 is finally being revealed. The face of America was changed forever with the mandates passed down by this man, who admitted yesterday he had no issue shouting down President Trump but that correcting a sister agency violated policy, even when the science didn’t support the methodology anymore.

Fauci lied, and lives were ruined in what appears to be shaping up as the largest social experiment in American history.

Never let them forget what they’ve done.

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