Travis Kelce Reveals the Warning He Got During Visit to White House

As he explained, Travis was determined to be on his best behavior this year, seeing as how he brought expired identification and attempted to steal the spotlight from the president during his address during their 2023 visit.

“The secret service that’s all over the White House, they weren’t too happy with me on my second time visiting,” Travis noted. “I caught s–t for that.”

Despite White House security being unhappy with him this time around, it’s clear President Biden had no hard feelings. 

After all, in a moment that rivaled his girlfriend Taylor Swift giving him a shoutout at the end of her Eras Tour shows, the guy on the Chiefs was called up to the podium and got an opportunity to address the country alongside the president. 

“My fellow Americans,” Travis said at the podium May 31. “It’s so nice to see you all yet again.”

Keep reading to see all the highlights from the Chiefs’ recent White House visit. 

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